Conversion Optimised Translation, Localisation, Business Intelligence, Logistics & Responsible Self-Sovereignty in 20+ Stable Countries


Expatriation and Asset Protection Solutions For Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Team Commanders

We Help Innovators, Investors and Managers Safely Move Assets, Setup and Expand Quickly in 20+ Stable Countries.

Start Fast

Our insights from Polynational Intel to Cultural Diplomacy give you access to opportunities that would otherwise require 100’s of thousands of kilometers of travel and decades to cultivate.

Work Smart

Your objectives are our imperative. We aren’t the government. We have no 19th-century bosses to impress. We get it, New Wealth = jobs and shared joy. Side-step the bureaucratic lethargy.

Win Everywhere

With our capabilities, you have eyes and ears in every city. Make your vision a reality with the right knowledge that supports profitable decision making and deal closing.

Make It Matter

Create new market trust, employee engagement with our Social Investment Exclusives. Earn a positive reputation that creates word-of-mouth buzz and lifelong opportunities wherever you go.

Don’t throw money away for a ‘service’ or ‘good intentions’, Invest in Results.

Polynational Mission support

Neuroscience-Driven Conversion Optimised Translation

Localisation & Internationalisation

  • Product Design and Development
  • Coding
  • Repackaging
  • Product Testing and QA
  • Rebranding

On-Demand Interpretation

  • Legal/Technical Multi-Lingual Interpretation
  • Legal/Technical Document Translation
  • Contract Signing Assistance
  • Phone & Email Interpretation

Multilingual CRO LiveChat By ChatBunny™

  • Conversion-Driven LiveChat
  • Multilingual Sales
  • Multilingual Support
  • Easy to setup
  • Secure
  • Triple Sales By Speaking your customer’s language in any country $2/hr. 

Innovator & Commander Sustainability

Make Tumultuous Politics Irrelevant via Responsible Self-Sovereignty™ By BohemiaVelo™

Get a 2nd or 3rd Passport

Expatriate from Politically Uncertain States

Passport or citizenship in a country that does not tax non-resident income or control your actions

Legal Residency with no foreign-source income tax

Business Base: Anonymous-Offshore LLCs, In Stable Countries

Personal Threat Surface and Privacy Vulnerability Assessments

Offshore bank accounts in countries with sound banking & economy

Know the best playgrounds to spend your money with no sales tax or VAT.

Earn Your Salary In A Tax Haven

Real-Estate Investment

Charity Donation / Social Business Investment

Gold Storage

Medical Care and Surgery

Performance Sailboat & Yacht Registration & Shipping

Polynational FinTECH & Logistics Support

Source Anything, Anywhere. By BunnyShip

Access Hidden Markets Worldwide

  • Ship goods from any store in the world
  • Get items that are not available in your country
  • Save on shopping and shipping
  • Be the first to get newly released products
  • Personalised sourcing assistance
  • Package consolidation
  • Package & Freight tracking
  • Customs compliance support
  • Private address for shipping

Live On Crypto: flights, hotels, drivers, groceries worldwide. By BitcoinBunny

Spend 10+ Cryptos Anywhere

  • Purchase anything online even if they don’t accept cryptocurrency
  • Make travel reservations
  • Order grocery, delivery or pickup
  • Finally move away from the old monetary system 
  • Book Flights and Hotels with Crypto
  • Travel with AirBnB
  • Private Drivers with Uber

People, Dialects, Languages, Cities, Countries

Make face to face connections in 20+ Countries, in 30+ Languages and dialects, with TranslateBunny’s Network, you’ve got ‘On The Ground’ coverage wherever you need.


Language Support:

Norwegian (5 Million)

City Support:

Oslo, Bergen




Language Support:

Icelandic (500,000)

City Support:





Language Support:

Swedish (10M), German (3M), Norwegian (3M)

City Support:

Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo



New Zealand

Language Support:

English (4.7M), Māori (150K)

City Support:

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch




Language Support:

Danish (5.6M), German (2.63M)

City Support:

Copenhagen, Aarhus




Language Support:

Irish (1M), Ullans (100K)

City Support:

Dublin, Belfast


Language Support:

English (37M) (French (4.07M)

City Support:

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Quebec Halifax, Winnipeg


Language Support:

English (28M)

City Support:

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra


Language Support:

Finnish (5.4M), German (972K)

City Support:



Language Support:

Swiss German (5.3M), French (1.91M), Italian (707K)

City Support:

Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Bern


Language Support:

Dutch (15M), German (12M), French (5M)

City Support:

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague


Language Support:

Luxembourgish (390K), German (414K)

City Support:



Language Support:

German (200M)

City Support:

Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg, Bremen, Hannover, Aberdeen, Dortmund, Mannheim

United Kingdom

Language Support:

Ulster Scots (100K), Welsh (700K), Scottish Gaelic (90K), Scots (1M)

City Support:

London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol, Newcastle, Southampton, Cardiff, Leicester


Language Support:

Austrian German (8.8M)

City Support:

Vienna, Linz, Graz


Language Support:

Mandarin (Traditional Chinese) (19M), Hokkien (18M), Hakka (1.4M)

City Support:

Taipei, Taichung, Kaoshiung


Language Support:

Spanish (45M)

City Support:

Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Málaga, Leon, Cordoba


Language Support:

Spanish (3.3M), Uruguayan Portuguese (510K)

City Support:



Language Support:

Maltese (440K), Italian (297K)

City Support:



Language Support:

Mauritian Creole (1.3M)

City Support:


Complexity Support @ The Meadow

Thrive In Our Complex Age: Get Support From Complexity Consultants & Mentors

Choose Your Voyage (By Neurotropolis™):

  • Extra Earning: Freelancing, Bootstrapping Training, and Job Placement
  • Expand Your Horizons: Become multilingual, unlock markets and cultures to find new happiness and wealth.
  • Earn An AlphaCitizen™ Salary (80k+): Launch an online product using ThriveSites™ & Get Team Building Training.
  • Command Your ROI via Portfolio Entrepreneurship™ Training
  • Get Paid Training To Become CEO/Owner: Learn Business Entrepreneurship via Investment and Acquisition.
  • Hit UHNWI Status: Turn a 6 figures income into 7 figures.

Learn, Contribute, Earn Trust & Recognition

Community Development Focus

  • Privacy Craft™ 
  • Responsible Rights e.g, Freedom of Information, Freedom As Non-Domination (Pettit et al.)
  • Knowledge Craft™: Open Source Intelligence, Scouting, Memory Palace, Speed Reading
  • Equinimity & Inner-Peace via Stress Inoculation Training
  • Epochal Innovation Design™ 
  • Poly-Wealth™ 
  • Neuroscience
  • Storytelling
  • Polynational Family Lifestyle

Strategic Enhancement Partners

Sky is not the limit™. Take your mission and culture beyond.

What do you need to know?

Opportunity & Risk Intelligence By FiatLux™

Supported by more than 10,000 ‘On the ground’ intelligence officers and open source investigation specialists.


  • Digital Ethnography™ 
  • Business Intelligence
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Threat Analysis
  • Contingency Planning
  • Futures / Scenario Consulting

What meaning do you need to make?

CultureStudio™ By BeHuman

A suite of organisational developmental tools for making good cultures better.


  • CultureContinuum™: Culture, Philosophy, Ideology Monitoring & Development Tools
  • Libretto™: Brand Positioning, Market Research, Product Positioning

  • BrandFlow™: Comprehensive Brand Identity System Design. Full branding mock-up & prototype to propel one’s brand essence.

  • SocialBloom™: Email Marketing, Channels & Social Media Management

  • JourneyPeaks™: Conversion Rate Optimisation, Net-Promotor Score Deployment, PPC Optimisation.

  • ThriveSites™: Performance Based Website Design, SEO, Content Marketing

What do you need to get done?

Vetted Partners and Managed Talent by Mararmeo™ at Pionira Alianco

Tap Into A Vetted Partner & Talent Ecosystem. 


  • Partner with hyperlocal influencers who have massive followings and are of good character.
  • Connect with the exclusive talent who otherwise wouldn’t know you’re on ‘on island’.
  • Meet developers of Aerospace, Aircraft, High-Tech, Agriculture, Renewable Energy and every key sector you need access to.
  • And most importantly, build allyships with great individuals.

Our PolyNational Competencies


Product and Software Design

Branding Localization & Transnationalization
Business Brokering, M&A and Spin-Outs
Risk Analysis and Contingency Planning

Foreign Direct Investment


Ethical Demand Generation


Direct Sales, Supplier Import / Export


Reputational Growth Content Marketing


Entrepreneurship via Acquisition


Managed Online Presence


Representative Office Automation


Customer & Employee Onboarding Automation


Wealth Relocation & Economic Citizenship


Translation and Interpretation


Local Talent Acquisition & Retention


Cultural Mentorship & Network Power Mapping

Your Patronage Changes lives

TranslateBunny is a beHuman Certified Profit4Uplift™ (P4U™) Business. (Learn More)

Where our profit goes:

Freedom of Information

Deaf Business Owner Awareness, and Deaf Entrepreneurs Training

Free language and S.T.E.A.M. Skill Development For Disadvantaged Youth

Neurodiversity Awareness, Job Placement, Career Development

Privacy Enhancement R&D for the Smallest Minority, The Individual.

Volatile Environment Sustainable Agriculture R&D

Time waits for no one: