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TranslateBunny was started in 2015 by an ad-hoc team of freelancers and social investors from nine different countries. After working as interpreters and business intelligence officers for numerous international organisations, it was obvious that most translation, localisation and market research operations for business and government are disorganised or have unnecessarily complicated workflows that sabotage the quality of their services for their stakeholders. Our team could stand no more and decided it was time to bring joy to the world of translation and Market R&D by fulfilling the neglected needs often hidden deeply in the layers of 18th century bureaucracy.

With the help of frustrated customers of those other services and a synthesis of methodologies such as Blue Ocean Strategy, Agile Pair-Programming and vetted strategic partnerships, we’ve created TranslateBunny, a leaner approach to translation, cross-border market R&D and localisation with transparent pricing, exceptional quality, minus the time waste you’ll experience using other services.

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Your translations help change lives of those in need

We spend 100% of our profit to create scholarships and provide free multi-language training for disadvantaged youth.

With your support our programs are empowering at-risk youth to cultivate higher income and international opportunities.

TranslateBunny is a beHuman™ Certified Social Business (Learn More)